Titus Decius Pullox

Ex-Legionnaire From Perusia






<table height=”92” width=”185”><tbody><tr><td>HP:</td><td>69</td></tr><tr><td>AC:</td><td>18(19 with dodge)</td></tr><tr><td>Touch:</td><td>12</td></tr><tr><td>Flat Footed:</td><td>13</td></tr><tr><td>Init:</td><td>+3</td></tr></tbody></table>



  • Toughness
  • Improved Toughness
  • Power Attack
  • Cleave
  • Leadership 
  • Improved Feint
  • Mobility



Titus Pullox is the first son of Galerius Nautius Pullox a wealthy landowner with his second wife Furia Tullia and second child to Galerius. After a particularly violent encounter with his older half-brother Lartius Atius, Titus fled Perusia and joined the Roman Legion. He was a gifted soldier and tactician, proving his valor and guile time and again during the Bar Kokhba Revolt. His finest hour came in 135 when his commander was gravely wounded during a skirmish and his unit became detached and surrounded during the Purge of Lidda. He commanded the soldiers and kept many of them alive until reinforcements could arrive. For his valor he was granted an honorable discharge, after which he spent the next 3 years drifting from city to city until he came upon the port city of Liberportus where he encountered a party of 3 in need of a strong arm. He joined the City's vigilie urbani and has finally decided to settle in and establish himself. He's a hard man, not afraid of to do what needs to be done to get results.

Titus Decius Pullox

Liberportus prerus