Achaicus, Priest of Bacchus



A greek with dark circles around his eyes and a lecherous grin. He wears long robes to cover his ghoulish appendages.


Achaicus was a normal priest of Bacchus, god of wine, until he started to experiment with some of the more extreme sides of pleasure. He soon grew a following of the debauched. Their debauchery attracted the notice of the Ghouls of Liberportus who taught Achaicus their ways and began his tranformation into one of them.  For this Achaicus required a sacrificial victim who represented order in contrast to Bacchus' chaos: Abudius Pupius Eucharis, a quaestor. In addition to the kidnap of a government official Eucharis attempted to bring to life a terra cotta idol of Bacchus that was stopped by the PCs who eventually killed Achaicus as well.

The PCs met Achaicus again in Athens where he was leading another depraved cult. He told them of his history with Alexander Pulcher and Naevius Sejanus and invited them to a very decadent party.

Achaicus, Priest of Bacchus

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