Etrusicus Superbus Invicti



Politican 9

HP 53

Sanity 25

Str 14

Dex 18

Con 12

Int 14

Wis 10

Cha 14

AC 18 w/out shield 20 with

Saves (F/R/W) 4/7/6

BAB 6/1

Feats: Shield Proficency, Dodge, Weapon Finnese, Leadership, Power Attack, Weapon Focus (Shortspear)


Bluff 14

Climb 3

Decipher Script 14

Diplomacy 20

Gather Information 14

Heal 2

Hide 8

Knowledge (Law) 14

Knowlege (Nobility) 7

Listen 1

Move Silently 8

Perform (Oratory) 14

Profession (Politician) 1

Search 3

Sense Motive 12

Spot 1

Survival 1

Tubmle 15

Forbidden Lore 7

Alchemy 5

Languages: Latin, Greek, Gaulic, Valosaian

Special Abilities:

Classical Education (+11)

Social Abilities: Etiquette, Savior-Faire

Lead by Example +4

Leadership +3


Nephew of Primus Thoranius Invicti. Childhood friend of Lucius Aemilius Rufus, Gaius Severus Commodus, and Marcus Corvus Rutilius. With the exception of Marcus and the inclusion of Titus Pullox he adventures with them to this day. Is the client of Julius Fulvius Lydon and owner of Caerbrix and Boonya.

Etrusicus was born the only child of Constantius Superbus Invicti, a Senator of some great renown. But with his father's death, Etrusicus was pushed to the side in favor of his uncle Primus, who inherited much of his brother's wealth. Luckily, Etrusicus was adopted by his uncle, and thus recieved an education befitting a wealthy senator's son. Etrusicus went on to do little of note, spending much on lavish parties and expensive texts. And his status as sole heir was ended with the birth of a son to Primus. Etrusicus, now a liablity to his uncle, was sent off, along with his friends and companions to Alexandria. Fate interviened, and now Etrusicus faces the horrors of both beings beyond human reasoning, and… the Roman legal system!!!!!!!!!!

Etrusicus Superbus Invicti

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