In their dealings with the fell cult known as The Brotherhood of The Yellow Sign, the party has time and time again had to deal with bizarre beasts that are certainly snakes but have the shape of men. Although the party have met serpent men as both enemies and allies, they know painfully little of the history and ways of their reptilian foes.
Most of what the PCs know comes from two sources; K'Stalloss’ revelation in IV Terror in Liberportus and the codex The Trve and Secret History of The Brotherhood in Liberportvs which has been accepted to be a more or less factual account.

Some many thousand years ago, before even the dawning of the ancient Egyptian civilization there was a great island in the eastern Mediterranean called Valossa. It was here that the serpent men of old made their capital and center religious and secular learnings. On this island they erected towers higher than the clouds, great green stone temples, and great slave pens where they ruled over mankind. In their great temples they worshipped the god Yig, the father of serpents, and were masters of earth.
But their civilization grew decadent and perverse, some of Yig’s children turned from their great father and sought to forge new covenants with alien gods. These renegade serpent men prayed to a new god, a darker god, a king with yellow scales, known only as "The Unspeakable One."
The worship spread like a plague and threatened to topple the theocracy of the serpent men. Seeing this, it is recorded that Yig did a mighty thing. Two thousand and ninety-seven years before the reign of Romulus, Yig drowned his rebellious children. Valossa sank below the waves and only its highest peaks remained. These peaks formed the island chain known as the Serpent's Teeth, of which Avalia, the island on which Liberportus sits, is part of.

But the sinking of Valossa did not spell the end of the serpent men. Although their civilization crumbled, isolated pockets survived over the millennia.

Somehow, some serpent men preserved the worship of the Unspeakable One and attempted (with no small degree of success) to revive worship. These serpent men, apparently the puppet masters of the Brotherhood in Liberportus, have not been encountered since Drac’s defeat at the Battle of the Lighthouse.



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