or VI Years of Sanity

VI years pass in Liberportus without any major politcal, criminal, or preternatural incident. The obvious criminals have been routed from the political system, purging the government of all the toadies of Drac. Iason Ovidius has taken the mantle of leader of Liberportus in the newly created position of Dictator. The minority opposition in the council is lead by Magnus Larcius. Abudius Pupius Eucharis retires and relocates to Syracuse.
Gaius Severus Commodus is made prefect of the vigili urbani of Lacius and marries Torentia Asidia.
With the retirement of Quintus Hortensius in 894, Lucius Aemilius Rufus takes over the responsibilities of Hortensius Vinum.
Etrusicus Superbus Invicti is married to the widow Cornelia Noricus by the political machinations of Julius Fulvius Lydon and is made a quaestor in 896.
Titus Decius Pullox, with the assistance of Vulpinus Trebellius Faustus and Cirgal the Briton becomes captain of the Feroxi Collegium.
Liberportus returns to the status quo of a corrupt, beautiful, and thoroughly Roman city.

XIII Crisis in Liberportus
or Magistrates and Murderers

Near a month after the arrival of new blood to the magistrate's council, a month without dictator or sealord, the members decide to repeal the Drac Law of Succession. Instituted in 841 A.U.C. (88 A.D.) by Marcus Julius Drac, the law stipulates that any and all sealords must be of the Drac lineage. The repeal of the succession law would theoretically allow any man of rank to take the loftiest position Liberportus has to offer and upsets L years of tradition. A tradition which, as the day goes on, our heroes find the locals hold quite dear.

The early morning streets in the merchant district are usually alive with the sounds trade and toil, but today also with the announcement that the law of succession has been repealed in an emergency session of the magistrates council late the previous night with an overwhelming vote in favor of. Some cheer, some grumble and many look angry and confused. Our viri, Gaius Severus Commodus, Etrusicus Superbus Invicti, Titus Decius Pullox, and Lucius Aemilius Rufus, follow a quickly growing crowd to The Old City. The crowd quickly swarms the hall of records where the documents of law are kept. Demanding entrance, the citizens are met by Galerius Fulvianus who reminds the assembled mob that attacking the hall of records changes nothing and demands that they disperse. The crowd responds by attacking him.
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XII Aut Vincere Aut Mori
or The Trial, The Election

Our "heroes" Lucius Aemilius Rufus, Etrusicus Superbus Invicti, Titus Decius Pullox, and Gaius Severus Commodus have been brought to trial for the torture of Miltiades Peisistratus. Presiding over the trial is the quaestor Abudius Pupius Eucharis. Opposing council is Babudius Camurius Varius the Younger, son of the late magistrate Babudius Camurius Varius the Elder who was devoured in the battle of the lighthouse. Etrusicus, being of patrician birth and a student of the law represented the party with Titus as his co-council.
After opening statements, Babudius called Saul Burnus (Miltiades' neighbor who heard his screams), Finn-ah-Kef Afer as a character witness and finally, Miltiades himself who was still in bandages. Etrusicus called Livia Silanus, Aggilius Hamatus, and Statorius Novanus who unforturately states that he believes the actions of the PCs were illegal.
Babudius decides that the PCs are guilty and they are required to forfeit one fourth of their personal fortunes to Miltiades.

It is only two days later that the great elections of Liberportus are held. The positions left by the murdered Manlius Vibius Mettellus, Titus Villemus Verlaine, and Babudius Camurius Varius the Elder are attempted to be filled by Iason Ovidius, Julius Fulvius Lydon, Quintus Andrisicus, Pollux Renatus Nemo, Nymphidius Vindex and, suprisingly, Magnus Larcius who entered the race at the very last moment. Lydon, Ovidius and Larcius are all elected. Lydon due his hard campaigning, Larcius due to his great popularity and Ovidius, it is said, due to his use of the Brotherhoods of the Feroxi and the Novaculae.

A tense peace lasts for the next month.

XI Morituri Te Salumatus
or Children of the Great Mother

Day I:
On this fine autumn day the party deicdes to take in a day at the hippodrome of Liberportus, the Circus Medius. Etrusicus Superbus Invicti arrives with his slaves Caerbrix and Boonya and Lucius Aemilius Rufus is accompanied by his lovely young wife Quinta Isidora Hortensius. Gaius Severus Commodus and Titus Pullox both arrive alone.
After losing some coin to a green chariot victory they exit from the vomitorium into the narrow winding streets.  Titus spots a woman being pursued into an alley by two uncouth looking men and runs to the woman’s assistance.
Gaius and Etrusicus follow Titus while Lucius remains in the street with his wife and Etrusicus’ slaves and calls out for vigilies. Ertusicus and Titus both have pugios with them but Gaius is unarmed. Nevertheless they subdue the men just as a vigili arrives. After a little mix-up concerning who attacked whom, they hurriedly explain their actions and Gaius and Titus present their vigili patches. The vigili summoned, a Honorus Dido, wants nothing to do with the matter and seeing as it is seemingly finished wishes the assembled a good day and goes about his business.
Upon investigating the unconscious men they find two things of note: both men have been castrated and both bear an “Ω” brand on their lower backs.
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X The Consequences of Vice
or The Rake, the Egyptian, and The Alchemist

The son of Quintus Andrisicus has been found dead, washed up on the beach, on the eve of the announcement of his father's canidacy to the Council of Magistrates. Julius Fulvius Lydon, as it turns out, is a friend of Andrisicus and both wishes to help his friend in his time of need and to dig up dirt on this new potential rival. To this end he once again summons Etrusicus and his friends Gaius, Titus, and Lucius to approach Andrisicus with the implications that they will find out what happened to the late Marcus Andrisicus.
The PCs go to the home of Andriscus where they find the man greatly distraught. He tells the PCs that a suicide note was found in his son's room at the school of Cassius Quietus but he does not think that his son was suicidal. After some prying, Andrisicus admits that his relationship with his son had been strained in the last months of his sons' life. Young Marcus came to his father begging money to settle his gambling debts. The elder Andrisicus gave in to his son's need on the condition that he will never gamble again and that he is to attend the school of Quietus. Marcus agreed but they saw each other little after that.
Andrisicus offers the PCs 1,000 denarii each to find out what happened to his son.
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IX Gangs of Liberportus
or Chao ad Ordo

Asked to guard a ships cargo while being transported across the Docks to the Warehouse District by Julius Fulvius Lydon, the PCs think they have an easy job.  While en route to the warehouse the two cart caravan is attacked by organized gang members.
After the would be thieves fled and the parcel had been delivered to Julius' warehouse the PCs were drawn into an alley by a cloaked man with an insistant hiss. The PCs go with this stranger to the apartment of Etrusicus to speak with him in private. The cloaked man introduces himself as Cirgal the Briton, a member of the Liberportus gang the Novaculae. He explains that since the introduction of a new narcotic in Liberportus the various gangs of the city, the Novaculae, the Feroxi, the Cani, and the Ereptori, have been working together to cause organized menace in the city.  Cirgal goes on to tell the PCs that even he was attacked by his own gang members for not taking the new drug and for questioning the union of the gangs. He asks the PCs to investigate this for the good of all the honest criminals in Liberportus.
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VIII Vengeance in Liberportus
or Drac Goes Out With a Bang

Day I:
Whilst the PCs are converging on one of their favorite eateries in the Old City an explosion rips through the building.  The PCs bravely storm into the wreckage to save any survivors and summon vigilies.  Quick to the scene is Neratius Gaianus, high priest of Neptune and member of the Council of Magistrates, who was on his way to the very same shop. Gaianus recognizes the PCs from the great feast of Drac and summons them to him.  He asks them to investigate the explosion and bring whomever is responsible to justice and for this they will be rewarded with 1,000 denarii. They have but one clue, a piece of an amphora burned only on the inside from the explosion. It bears the mark of Alexander Chloe, the potter.
They go to the workshop of Chloe and, although a closed sign is clearly displayed on the door, the party enters and speak with Leukian Chloe, Alexander's son. He tells the party that the day before a group of gruff Iberians demanded to see the accounts for the past 3 months, Leukian refused and the Iberians left. In the morning when he got to his shop he found nearly all of his pottery smashed and ruined. Interested in why the Iberians would want to see the ledger the PCs investigate and find that part of a page has been ripped out. What remains is only part of a name and location but for the interpred adventurers this is enough as what is left is "Paramezz…" and "...End."
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VII Madness in Liberportus
or The Greatest Lighthouse in the Empire

Day I:
The party dresses in their finest togas to attend a grand feast at the home of Sealord Antonius Hibernius Drac in the Old City. As only Lucius, Etrusicus, and Gaius received invitations, Gaius takes Titus Pullox as his guest. Lucius invites his employer and soon to be father-in-law Quintus Hortensius.
The villa is lavishly appointed and decorated. Of particular interest is a mosaic detailing a local legend of a type of men who once lived on the island that were both man and fish.
The party hosts nearly all of Liberportus’ wealthy and elite individuals. The PCs find some familiar faces in Julia Felix, Julius Fulvius Lydon , Abudius Pupius Eucharis, and Magnus Larcius. Other movers and shakers present are Pollux Renatus Nemo, Iason Ovidius, Nymphidius Vindex, the prefectus vigilum Duccius Sittius Thurinus as well as the entire Council of Magistrates. Also at the party is the immensely wealthy Tadius Receptus who makes a point of ignoring those whose name the banquet is in honor of. 
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VI Deus Ex Machina
or Bacchanian Delights

Aggilius Hamatus asks for the help of the PCs while transporting a parcel from the philosophers at the Esoteric Order of Starry Wisdom to Thuros Appilos at the temple of Minerva. When the party, with Aggilius Hamatus, is walking through The Old City they are waylaid by a very insistent prostitute. While being distracted by the prostitute their parcel is stolen from their grasps! The thieves, including the prostitute, proceed to climb over stalls and overhangs to the roofs above. The PCs follow and so begins a roof-top chase to track down the thieves. After some falls, the party is outpaced but manage to pick up the trail in The Temple District at the old temple of Orcus. They manage to scale a wall and sneak into the temple. Within is nothing good.
Inside they find the hideout of the Children of Bacchus. A fringe cult of Bacchus, they live in orgiastic debauchery, creating nothing, and perverting the decent.
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V Pandemonium in The Veins
or To Live and Die in the Nyos Amphitheatre

While strolling through The Merchant District the players are surprised to encounter a wild lion! Unfortunately a child bystander was slain before the beast could be butchered. Aiding our returning heroes is Titus Pullox, a legionnaire looking for work. The lion was being transported from The Docks to the Veins for the Ludi Apollinares, the last day of which is today.
Their nundimun heroics impress the young Rufillius Syrene, a slave of the gladiator stable Achillia who asks them to accompany him to his master to help with an unspecified problem. They agree after Rufillius promises them that his master will pay them well.
Through the crowd gathering for today’s spectacle the happen upon a gathering of the owners of the top stables arguing and organizing the day’s slaughter. Present is Achillius Severa, Vitus Sextus Vicentius, Juba Numidius, Meridius Proximo, and Afrenius Philo. Vicentius, campaigning for a seat on the Council of Magistrates, has funded the day’s events and coolly insists that the bouts he planed be carried out. Apparently the other stable owners, especially Achillius, feel that Vicentius has organized the events in such a ways as to whittle down the other stables completely. Philo states that the games are those of Vicentius and will go as he planned. The meeting dismissed, Achillius turns his attention to the PCs.
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