II The Ambarvalia
or When a Spider is Not a Spider

At the festival of Ambarvalia the cult of Magnum Innominandum is once again thwarted by the PCs when attempting to assassinate a prominent merchant turned politician, Julius Fulvius Lydon. The PCs track down the assassin in a warehouse in the Aegrotatio, only to discover that the would be assassin is actually an alien beast resembling both man and spider. They then find that another Brotherhood hideout exists below the warehouse.
In the subterranean temple, the PCs watch the cultists breathe deep a pungent yellow incense and summon a tentacled abomination from a living sacrificial victim.  They butcher the cultists and manage to slay the hideous thing but not without some difficulty.
The warehouse is eventually excavated by vigilies of Arias Tullo, including Gaius Severus Commodus who becomes physically ill after spending long amounts of time in the summoning room. The event is soon hushed up.

I Death in Liberportus
or Dreams of a Scholar

Dismissed by his uncle, Primus Thoranius Invicti, Etrusicus and his companions Gaius, Marcus, and Lucius are sent off to Alexandria to begin new lives for themselves in the east.  From Rome they make for Ostia and in Maius they board a ship to Ægyptus.
An unexpected summer storm forces the ship to make for the island of Avalia and the wealthy trading city of Liberportus instead. It is here that the horrors truly begin.
The Docks are crammed with ships from ports all across the empire and with people from even further shores. Their wide eyed rubber-necking attracts the attention of a press gang whom they quickly dispatch. This display of combat prowess attracts the attention of Aggilius Hamatus, a priest of Minerva, who is trying to find men of decency to help him in a most serious task.
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Prelude, The Parentalia
or Never Trust a Faun

The party, made up of Marcus Corvus Rutilius, Etrusicus Superbus Invicti, Gaius Severus Commodus, and Lucius Aemilius Rufus, is sent by Primus Thoranius Invicti to clear out any beggars or prostitutes residing in the tombs of the Invicti family on the Appian way before the Parentalia on the ides of Februarius.  When they arrive they discover that the tomb has been quite literally painted with gore. Among the human ruin they come across a blood smattered prostitute who claims to have lured men to the tomb, butcher them, and then desecrate the mausoleum all on the orders of a faun. The questioning is interrupted by the presence of a black robed figure who appears in the enterance way then flees when the characters approach.  Marcus and Lucius give chase but the figure in black out maneuvers them. Just as the figure runs out of sight his robes catch and tear away revealing to Marcus that the man they were chasing does indeed look very much like a faun.


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