Alexander Pulcher


Pulcher is a little more than medium height, quite thin with dishevelled straw blonde hair and arresting hazel eyes. He is careless about his appearance but there is something compelling about him- one wants to share his mood: if he is quiet his companions feel the need to be quiet, in animated he lights up a room. He is appealing to women although they cannot say why.
When first met in the Villa of Mania he was sedated and distracted but when ecountered in Carcosa is is lively and animated.


Pulcher first involved himself with the cult of The Unspeakable One years ago after trying to find validation in one foreign cult after another. His companion and lover during this period was the equally occult minded Delia of the Caecilii. During this period he came under the sway of a cult of Bacchus led by the charismatic priest Achaicus. In this cult he met Naevius Sejanus who introduced him to the ways of the Yellow Sign.
Naevius and Pulcher left Achaicus' flock to study more of the the foul faith of the King in Yellow with Servius Chaerea, Lissenius Proculus, and Cornelius Milianus. His devotion to the cult strained his relationship with Delia and their engagement to wed was broken.
That winter, for reasons unknown, Pulcher summoned Byakhee in his family's home in Athens where they attacked and killed his father and sister.
Pulcher confessed to the murders and was sent away to the Villa of Mania to be watched over by Abudius Pupius Eucharis.
In DCCCXCVII he was freed from the asylum by Naevius Sejanus who used him to call Carcosa to Earth. There he killed himself, ending Carcosa's presence on this world as well as his own life.

Alexander Pulcher

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