Zahur Quaashie


An olive-skinned Egyptian in his early twenties. He doesn’t look very strong or handsome, but seems agile.


Zahur Quaashie was born in Asyut, Egypt, to his father Iabi and mother Woserit. Zahur loved archery since his youth, and spent much time hunting birds. Not long after Zahur turned fourteen, his father asked him to join the military to better serve his fellow Egyptians. Zahur left Asyut, fully intending to join the military upon reaching Alexandria, but became distracted by his travels and found his lust for knowledge of nature. Zahur was eventually conscripted to the Legio II as a scout, after three years of living as a nomad. He served two years before deciding to see more of the world. Zahur met a Dacian named Orolus Tagrius in Alexandria, and after one year of good relations decided to travel with him to Liberportus, where he is staying now.

Zahur Quaashie

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