XVIII The Queen and The Stranger

or All the World's a Stage

At Hortensius Vinum, Lucius receives a parcel by courier. It is an invitation for Lucius and his wife Quinta Isidora Hortensius to Estus Talbus’ latest play, Carcosa: or The Queen and The Stranger, showing this very night at the Pellecian Theater. Lucius informs Etrusicus, Zahur, Titus, and Gaius of the play and they all dine together before venturing out for an evening’s entertainment.
The play is moving and dreamy, ethereal and disconcerting. Some of the audience leaves during the intermission but many more stay, transfixed. As the curtain falls the minds of the players come to grip with what they have witnessed as the final lines of the play peter out and distort. The audience erupts into a riot as some members of the crowd begins to viciously attack themselves and others. Vigili arrive only in time to haul off the already subdued attackers. The rest of the crowd departs as the cast and crew assemble in the theater atrium for an opening night reception.
The PCs confer with Talbus about the play and he relates how he crafted the play from a draft he received from Livius Carbo. The reception ends soon after and the PCs make their way home, minds full of worry of Carcosa.




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