XVII The Lost Temple of Yig

or Out of Space, Out of Mind

Outfitted with supplies and three guides, Zahur, Titus, LuciusGaius, and  Etrusicus make their way into the vastness of Africa. They brave strange sights, weather, and beasts before arriving at the clearing at which the temple of  Yig appears in all its alien splendor, a green stone mountain, every inch covered with images of serpents of all sorts and kinds. They go boldly into the temples only entrance, leaving their guides and all safety behind them.
Upon entering the temple the PCs find it very dark and humid. The passage winds downward in a corkscrew and they travel until they have lost all track of time. By the light of a torch they notice changes in their form; their hair thins, finger nails fall out, their eyes yellow, and their skin becomes scaly. Because of this horrid transformation they avoid looking at each other or themselves if it can at all be avoided. Within the temple they encounter a shifting maze filled with traps designed to deter any who would violate the sanctum of Yig’s house. Although the party is temporarily forced to abandon Titus they eventually make their way to the center of the temple to the horrendous altar of the serpent god.
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