XX Tatters of The King Book II

Thracian Gods

The PCs are shadows of their former selves when Titus begins having intense dreams of Athens and becomes convinced that they must return to Greece. The PCs, without Zahur who left Avalia under mysterious circumstances, arrive on the Greek mainland four days later.
Upon arriving in Athens they hear of a the impending trial of Tiberius Haterius Datus for burglary and assault in a temple of Magna Mater. They make for the courts and witness the trial. Afterwards they meet up with him and offer to buy him a drink, he suggests The Harpy. Tiberius explains that he was sent to Athens to infiltrate the cult of Hastur by the elder and high priest of his village. He broke into the temple, he explains, to celebrate the end of his stay in Athens. He and his village also worship Magna Mater but his village, he says, practice the old ways. Says he, the folk of his village have been worshiping the Great Mother of Black Goats since the sinking of Atlantis. He was preforming a ritual when a slave interrupted him. He beat the man but was apprehended shortly after. As the wine flows and the night grows later he tells the investigators more about his homeland, the small, ancient, village of Erikaitos. He also mentions “That damn woman of Proculus’” and how shes causing more trouble than she can handle. A very drunk Datus bids the PCs a good night and thanks them again for their part in the destruction of the cult of Hastur in Athens. The next day the Romans set out for Thrace.
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