The year is 898 A.U.C. (145 A.D.) and on the Mediterranean island of Avalia lies the wealthy city of Liberportus. It is one of the grandest cities in the Empire but it holds an eldrich secret- for under the sandaled feet of the citizenry the inhuman cultists of The Unspeakable One bide their time to unleash madness upon the world.

Lucius Aemilius Rufus: A successful wine merchant.
Etrusicus Superbus Invicti: A quaestor.
Marcus Corvus Rutilius: A lictor, now deceased.
Gaius Severus Commodus: A prefect of the vigili urbani of Magnus Larcius.
Titus Decius Pullox: A former legionnaire and vigili, now captain of the Feroxi collegium.
Zahur Quaashie: An Egyptian and former scout for Legio II, Adiutrix.



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