Credo Quia Absurdum Est

After years of horror and madness two Romans find themselves alone in the unforgiving wilderness of the Imaus. They are cold, hungry, and bloody. The return journey takes over a year's worth of hard travel through hostile territory and unforgiving wilderness. Stealing, begging, and borrowing just to stay alive; their lives once they return to Liberportus are not easy.
They have seen things human minds ought not to comprehend. They have cut down star steeds, felt the tentacle lash of a child of the Great Mother, bargained with ghouls, read horrendous books of forbidden lore. They have seen the Yellow Sign.
They have seen the Yellow Sign.
Their lives are bitter and lonely. They are completely alienated from friends and family. They dread the day when the King in Yellow claims his vengeance.
A handful of months after their return Lucius gets sick. It at first  appears to be severe jaundice but within days he shrivels and shakes. In his sleep nameless nightmares gnaw on what is left of his mind. Then he dies.
Two years later Gaius passes the same way.
What is know to only those two men individually, is what they heard in their minds at the very instant of their deaths. A cold calm voice stretching over impossible aeons of time and space:

You have achieved nothing.



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