XV Dark Wings Over Liberportus

or Death from Above

Having pity on his friends in their hour of need, magistrate Magnus Larcius asks Lucius Aemilius Rufus, Gaius Severus Commodus, Etrusicus Superbus Invicti, and Titus Decius Pullox to investigate the curious drop in Liberportus' vagrant population. The Docks, the Aegrotatio, and Dracs End have all been scoured of beggars and no one seems to know the cause. Accepting the task of investigating they repeatedly run into dead ends. With sun setting and seemingly no one left to question they notice that every rooftop around them is crowded with birds. Gulls, crows, pigeons and sparrows silently watching them. As soon as they notice the birds the PCs are engulfed by the horrible flocks as the animals scratch and peck them to shreds. And as quickly as it began the birds end the attack and fly off towards parts unknown.
Feeling confused and overwhelmed they decide observation may be a better tactic and spy on on beggar whom they have bribed to remain stationary with wine. After some time of waiting the beggar is approached by a man in filthy, bird feces covered robes who sometimes walks and sometimes hops. The beggar and the man begin to leave but but the brave PCs demand that the robed figure halts. The robed figure, in turn, demands that the PCs disperse. It is then that Titus Decius Pullox notices that the roofs surrounding them have many hundreds of black crows perched on them, silently watching the proceedings. The PCs allow the robed figure to leave with the beggar in fear of their lives.
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