XVI Chuma Invictus

or A Darker Continent

Titus Decius Pullox, Gaius Severus Commodus, Lucius Aemilius Rufus, Zahur Quaashie, and Etrusicus Superbus Invicti, with their families, arrive at Alexandria to meet with the serpent man K'Stalloss and to organize their expedition into the wilds of Africa to find the lost temple of Yig. Having been told that K'Stalloss would contact them, the PCs wait for his summons.
Day II
Having spent another restless day waiting for contact from K'Stalloss the PCs finally receive a notice by courier of the serpent-man's location. Arriving at the shabby room rented by K'Stalloss where they find the serpent-man's unnaturally dessicated corpse. The room appears to be thoroughly searched but left open, on the desk directly in front of the body, is a bizarre map written in Valossan. Mustering all he knows of the dead alien language, Etrusicus can make out that it is a map leading to the lost temple of Yig. K'Stallos’ map includes the phases of the moon, giving the Romans a basic calendar, and trail which they are to follow. Meandering down the Nile to Syene, they then must head westward into the wilds of darkest Africa. Accepting that they must venture forth without their reptilian mentor, they hire on as extra swords on a diplomatic trade mission headed to Axum and leave their wives and children in Alexandria. On the voyage back from Meroë they will disembark at Syene, hire guides and march boldly into the unknown.
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