XIV Adventus Regis

or "The Stranger tells me that The King lives anew!"

VI years of safety and prosperity has made the PCs soft and content. With this mindset they vacation with their families to the resort town of Vestalanium in Southern Italia. The resort is run by Gaius Phillipus, a former legionnaire, who does all he can to make the party and their wives and children comfortable. After a day of relaxation and exploring the town they are to join Phillipus on his pleasure barge for dinner and entertainment and tomorrow evening they have the exclusive privilege of be invited to see the latest play by Livius Carbo,
Adventus Regis (Arrival of the King). With this happy schedual the placated PCs leave their children at the villa of Phillipus and explore the town with their wives in tow.
In the sprawling town gardens they find a lost little girl who has been repeatedly smashing a dead kitten on a rock while whispering "Mother, there is a stranger in the city." The girl is left with the town's
vigilies and the PCs try not to let the event ruin their day. A trip to the town augur, Vettius Dulius Decula, settles their minds as he assures them that the future will only bring success and good fortune.
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